Call for advice

So I’m new to this. I’m currently working on my latest novel, the first in an intended fantasy/horror series, working title The Devil Witch’s Legacy. I haven’t secured an agent yet but I’m told that blogging might be a good way to generate publicity. In particular I’m interested in something the industry calls ‘platform’ – whereby an aspiring author seeks to build a platform of readers/fans BEFORE approaching agents. This then gives the author some leverage – i.e. ‘I’ve got X people who’ve said they like extracts of my work and would be happy to read the full thing when it’s published’.

What I want to know is: have any other unpublished writers out there taken this route, and if so, how has it worked out for them? To be honest I’m a bit wary of putting my own work up for free without knowing a bit more about what I’m getting into… Does anyone have any comments or suggestions in this area? I’m all ears 🙂


5 thoughts on “Call for advice

    • You mean post the first couple of chapters on my blog to give people a taster and ‘pre-hook’ a fanbase before approaching agents or self-publishing (if the traditional channels don’t work out)? Yeah, this is what I am mulling over doing – just not sure whether that is the way to go. I mean if an agent did like my work but they got annoyed that I had given some of it away free… but then again publishing houses do this anyway (usually for follow-ups to established authors i.e. ‘here’s a taster of the next instalment…’). I’m just not sure how to proceed – what do you reckon?

      • Nope, kickstarter is a totally different idea, but could be complimentary to your approach. It uses the concept of crowdfunding. You raise the funds to publish the book (or whatever project you are working on) by pre-selling copies (or offering something else) to pledgers…You set a target, raise the money, complete the project and satisfy your backers. Take a look at their website. There are authors on there amongst loads of other projects. May not be something you want to get in to but you were asking for ideas 😉 Also, there are other sites out there that do similar things, so doesn’t have to be kickstarter…

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